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Burn Injury Attorneys in Buffalo

Burn Injury Lawyers in Buffalo, New York

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          Burn injuries are typically severe, and permanent. An individual who suffers a burn injury will often be forced to endure skin grafts, extensive physical therapy, extensive psychological trauma, and sometimes death.


Burn injuries are often caused by defective products or other people’s negligence. Our skilled and experienced team of trial lawyers – with the help of high-level industry experts — will effectively investigate and prosecute your claims. Prosecuting burn injury cases requires experience. Our team of trial lawyers has the experience and skill necessary to secure maximum compensation for you or a loved one injured in this manner. We have access to the very best investigators, experts and medical professionals to prosecute your claim effectively. Our lawyers in Buffalo are experienced and capable of representing individuals with burn injuries resulting from:


  • Construction site explosions in Buffalo
  • Chemical burns in Buffalo
  • Defective products in Buffalo
  • Hotel fires in Buffalo
  • Business fires in Buffalo
  • Defective smoke detectors in Buffalo



Once a burn injury has occurred, it is important that the depth of the burn injury be medically determined, as well as the percentage of the body affected. We ensure that the appropriate tests have been conducted to collect this information, as results can play an important role in a case. We also assist by providing access to experts who will testify as to how the burns will affect the injured person now and in the future.


Third-degree burns are among the most serious because they destroy the epidermis (top layer of skin), the dermis (second layer of skin), and subcutaneous fat and tissue. With a burn of this type, not only is the skin destroyed, but the sweat glands, hair follicles, and the portion of the body where new skin cells develop, are destroyed as well. As a result, the victim must undergo skin grafts.


With a fourth degree burn, additional underlying tissue is also impacted, including muscles and ligaments. These types of burn injuries are often life-threatening.


When more than 30 percent of an adult’s body is burned, skin grafts are usually required. In this context, multiple operations are often necessary when there is insufficient healthy skin remaining to perform a single graft. Additionally, many burn victims experience complications which affect their treatment.



During the course of recovery from a burn injury in Buffalo, other body systems can also become impaired. The respiratory system is often damaged as a result of smoke or heat inhalation, causing long-term breathing issues. Burn injuries may require care and treatment by numerous medical professionals in a variety of specialties. For example, a burn victim may require the services of a pulmonologist who treats the respiratory system and lungs; a plastic surgeon to perform the skin grafts; and an orthopedist to treat joint and bone issues related to the burn. A deep burn can restrict the movement of joints and/or bones and cause the formation of scar tissue. This can lead to a tightening or shortening of tendons, muscles and skin. As a result, joints can be moved out of position.


We work with medical professionals every day to ensure we understand exactly what our clients are enduring in both the short and long term. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury in Buffalo, or you have a question that has not been answered, call Porter Nordby Howe LLP at 888-477-7731, or e-mail us at info@pnhlawyers.com.

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