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Construction Site Accident Attorneys in Syracuse

Construction Site Accident Lawyers in Syracuse, New York

Seriously injured in a construction site accident in Syracuse? Special laws exist in New York to protect workers injured on construction sites. Put our team of experienced trial lawyers to work for you and your family.


Construction workers are essential to the life we all know and enjoy. While the work they do often goes unseen, our construction professionals deserve skilled and experienced representation if they are injured on the job.


In fact, workers are entitled to special rights under New York State law if they have fallen from a height or been struck by a falling object. At Porter Nordby Howe LLP, we take great pride in our track record of winning large settlements and verdicts for construction workers who have been injured on the job by negligence, unsafe working conditions and unsafe equipment. Our team of skilled trial lawyers and industry experts have a distinguished track record of obtaining high level settlements and verdicts, including for our clients’ pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills. Contact our team today if you have been injured by:


  • a fall from a ladder, roof, scaffolding or other structure
  • a falling object
  • unsafe working conditions or unsafe equipment
  • scaffolding collapse
  • trips and falls
  • failure to provide adequate safety equipment including roof brackets or respirators


Commercial property owners and general contractors often ignore or fail to enforce routine safety regulations designed to protect workers while they’re on the job. This sort of negligence puts job site workers at risk of serious injury. In many cases, contractors may not even be aware their sites are violating established safety regulations, but that doesn’t absolve them of responsibility for injuries suffered by workers.


How Can Construction Site Workers Protect Themselves in Syracuse?


First, it’s absolutely necessary for workers to understand what regulations govern their particular job sites. Scaffolding, for example, is manufactured and assembled to meet specific standards. Workers can protect themselves by learning which type of scaffolding is required for different heights or gross weights. Armed with that knowledge, it’s far easier to approach a supervisor and suggest using the appropriate equipment for the specific application. However, understanding the regulations won’t always help if the scaffolding isn’t erected properly or if it’s defectively constructed. In these instances, our team of experienced trial lawyers and industry experts at Porter Nordby Howe LLP can help you. We will effectively and aggressively investigate the facts and circumstances that existed at the time of your injury to determine who should be held accountable for your construction site accident in Syracuse, and we will provide you the best options to pursue the compensation you need to account for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses, and protect your family.


What Should an Injured Worker Do to Protect Their Rights?


No matter how well a construction site is managed, accidents can still happen. If you are injured on a job site, it is imperative that you follow all established guidelines for reporting accidents. Informing supervisors immediately of any injury – even a seemingly minor one – is strongly recommended. Even though regulations may allow some time before an accident report must be filed, doing so immediately is the best course of action. And, if you have any questions or concerns about information contained in an accident report, it’s a good idea to contact our legal team before agreeing to its contents.


Should All Accident Victims in Syracuse Seek Medical Attention?


The short answer is yes. It’s always a good idea to seek medical attention immediately following an accident which caused any type of injury. Obviously, minor cuts and abrasions are not likely to have long-lasting effects, but to be safe, any injury should be immediately reported. Seeking medical attention establishes a record that could be important later, so never hesitate to see a doctor for an evaluation of an injury. It’s also important to remember that getting medical attention quickly can reduce the long-term effects of an injury, especially soft tissue injuries.


Getting Help is Quick and Easy


It is imperative that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible if you’ve been injured on a construction site. Doing so will ensure the construction companies involved and/or their insurance companies will not take advantage of you. Contacting the team at Porter Nordby Howe LLP as quickly as possible is strongly advised. Doing so is important to make sure the appropriate medical care will be available, but also to ensure that your ongoing medical costs are covered and you remain entitled to wages for lost time from work. If you are injured on a job site in Syracuse, our legal team can put you in the best possible position to recover damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, and any current or future medical bills related to the accident. If you’ve been injured in a construction accident, contact us to put our legal team to work to protect yourself and your family.

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